Author Topic: Rules and Terms of Service for all Buying and Selling Boards  (Read 3434 times)


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1.)  You must have a minimum of 20 posts in other boards to create a topic here and you need to have properly introduced yourself in the Intros... board.
2.)  You may reply to other people's topics at any registered user level (not as a guest).  However, listing your own item as a reply to someone else's topic will likely get you banned.
3.)  Please respect the owners ad.  You may ask questions, however, bashing the owner or his product will not be tolerated.
4.)  Bill of Sales (BOS) are HIGHLY discouraged (see this topic).  If you feel you need a BOS you are required to put it in the subject area of your topic. Failure to do so may get your post removed.  Please note that this will limit your ad's viewing audience.
5.)  Your location is required in the subject of the post
6.) is not responsible for your sales transaction.  It is your responsibility to be aware of all laws.  You should also take caution in all online sales transactions.
7.)  An asking price is required in the topics subject.
8.)  Lower offer price posts are allowed, however, there should be no arguing within the thread.  If you feel the product is not worth the asking price please post these concerns through a private message to the owner.
9.) Commercial sales are not allowed with in these boards. If you have a commercial sales need please contact one of the Admins or moderators

Specific boards may have additional rules.  Please read any stickies associated with a board.