Author Topic: Bringing home a heritage gun from a friend.  (Read 153 times)


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Bringing home a heritage gun from a friend.
« on: November 08, 2018, 09:42:42 PM »
Got a call from the widow of a dear friend that was murdered on the Rio Grande River (and his family's ranch) back in 1990.  A long story short, he was carrying a Norinco AK underfolder in 5.56 the day he was killed.  His wife had promised to let me know if/when she ever decided to sell it.  Well, she was ready to let it go....and I bought it.  It's now residing in one of my safes, where it will get a note about its' history, and will eventually be passed down.  I'm sure at some point I'll shoot it again - but for now, I just can't bring myself to do so.
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