Author Topic: .308 powder: Does this make sense?  (Read 4951 times)


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Re: .308 powder: Does this make sense?
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The length of the barrel is only one thing that affects accuracy.  Barrel vibration - affected largely by thickness - has an effect.  Barrels are not cut to exact dimensions - there is a range that is allowable and most manufacturers push the limits on their tooling.  Bullet seating can have a big effect.  You cannot look up a "best" powder in a book and expect it to be perfect for your rifle.

I used to load .308 and had pretty good success with IMR4064.  That particular rifle liked heavier bullets and fairly light loads.  My neighbor has a .308 that absolutely loves a particular load of CFE223.  In both cases, several powders were tried and a range of loads were used.

I lived in NY for a few years and there were no public shooting ranges - you had to join a club.  A bunch of the old guys in the club were retired machinists from the Remington factory.  They built their own muzzleloaders from scratch using old hand tools - even for the rifling.  Then they spent many, many hours at the range getting the perfect ball/patch/load combo for the rifle.  Ever read stories about amazing long-range shots by Revolutionary War or Civil War sharpshooters?  Well, believe the stories because the rifles the old Remington guys built could hit a gnat at 300 yards.

Just like those muzzleloader guys, it takes work to get the best combo down to maximize the accuracy from your rifle.