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C&R Guidance
« on: December 26, 2013, 12:55:33 PM »
So what does it take to get into the C&R game?

What is accomplished by doing so?

Is it worth it?

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Re: C&R Guidance
« Reply #1 on: December 26, 2013, 02:17:12 PM »

So what does it take to get into the C&R game?

What is accomplished by doing so?

Is it worth it?


I'm new at it. I just got my license last week and have done one deal with it so far.

A class 3 FFL license allows collectors of curio and relic firearms to engage in expanding and enhancing their collections with very little interference. License holders can import firearms, have firearms shipped directly to their residence from other states and ship firearms directly to other individuals.

The license does not authorize the holder to engage in a business buying and selling firearms but does allow the holder to buy and sell as needed for the enhancement of their collection.

A C&R firearm is generally understood to be a firearm 50 years or older although there are many firearms that fit into the C&R category that are not 50 or older.

A list of those exceptions can be found here:

Like I said. I'm very new at it but a lot can be learned here:

The application process is fairly easy. I filled out this application:

Sent one (marked ATF Copy) to the ATF and the other to my county Sheriff (marked CLEO Copy) along with the application fee.

NOTE: CLEO sign off is not required. The CLEO copy only gives notice.

Waited about a month and there it was.

Once you receive your license DO NOT SIGN IT!!! Make copies of it and sign them (you are completely authorized to do this in writing on the face of the license). The signed copies can then be sent to other licensees and dealers to keep in their files (note: many places will offer Class 3 license holders distributor discounts or even wholesale pricing. I know Midway does).

The ATF requires a Class 3 license holder to keep and maintain a bound record book of their firearm transactions. A lot of people like to try to expand (in sometimes greatly) what the ATF requires goes into the book but I am just sticking to what is required and currently published by the ATF.

I have an Excel spreadsheet page that I got from a long time C&R guy that I will be using for my book. I'd be glad to email a copy of that to anyone who is interested.

So far I have worked my first C&R deal with a licensee from Austin. I'm looking forward to it arriving at my house and once it does I will post up pics and talk a little more about the process/experience.