Registration Agreement

These Terms of Service are subject to change.  But to start with we have the following rules:

1.  No cussing in thread titles.  And keep the language clean in the posts.  We want this to be a place wives and kids can visit.
2.  No threads bashing anyone, even non members
3.  No name calling
4.  No bashing other forums or websites
5.  No NSFW images.  It's not that most of us don't like them.  But there are literally millions of websites you can visit for these.
6.  Please keep thread titles PG13 as well.  No cussing, or foul language, etc.  The site admin has also decided that we want to avoid the use of the word "porn" in thread titles.

Conduct yourselves as if your mother/daughter was in the room at all times.
At no time do we discuss politics OR religion in this forum.  There are places to do that - and it's a good way to create bad blood between friends!